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Insurance claim specialist  Jeff Thorne will be your roofing expert and representative every step of the way, personally working as an advocate for the homeowner to receive the best quotes on all repairs and replacements. He will ensure that the process of submitting an insurance claim and securing approval to correct roof leaks or storm damage gets done properly, efficiently, and honestly. Roof, siding, and gutter repairs or replacements are effortlessly possible for every property owner who reaches out. For your residential or commercial roofing solutions, MUSIC CITY EXTERIORS is licensed, bonded, and insured to serve communities throughout Tennessee and Kentucky.


Insurance can be difficult to navigate and understand, but Jeff Thorne's expertise and over 35 years construction experience nearly guarantees a free roof for every customer! Acting as an advocate and telling insurance exactly what needs to be done in technical terms, Jeff follows through with every step necessary to get the work done and leave homeowners and business owners fully satisfied. Whether it's a claim for repairs or replacement of a steel, metal, flat, shingled, peaked, or rubber roof, "We Cover Music City!"  


Satisfied customers all know that when MUSIC CITY EXTERIORS is on the job, the process is very ‘hands-on,’ down to the smallest detail. Jeff Thorne’s hands, plus the hands and years of professional roofing industry experience represented by the entire MUSIC CITY EXTERIORS staff, provide reliable exterior or interior repairs to your home or business. While his expert team works quickly and efficiently, Jeff himself will be on site several times each day to make sure the job is proceeding well. We rely on the referrals of satisfied customers like you to build our business and build your roofs! 


When the job is done, they tell their friends and family members that Jeff Thorne’s MUSIC CITY EXTERIORS is the only choice for an expert response to correct storm, tornado or straight line wind damage that leaves their property with interior leaks or exterior structural or architectural problems.

Jeff Thorne

Owner and President of MUSIC CITY EXTERIORS




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