Did you know?

Your insurance policy gives you the right to request that a second adjuster be assigned to evaluate your insurance claim if your initial insurance claim is denied.
If necessary, MUSIC CITY EXTERIORS will guide you through the insurance claim process to get your roof repairs or roof replacement underway.

MUSIC CITY EXTERIORS is only paid 50% of the fee for your roof and gutter repairs or replacement to start working on your roof and gutter repairs or roof replacement job. The remaining balance of your roof repairs or roof replacement bill will be due once the roof replacement work has been completed to your total satisfaction.

Jeff Thorne, the owner of MUSIC CITY EXTERIORS, will visit your property several times each day for the duration of the work.
He will introduce you to his foreman, outline the scope of your job to his entire crew, establish a timeline to complete your roofing job, and make sure all MCE work standards are met by the time he signs off on your roof interior or exterior repairs or roof replacement.

MUSIC CITY EXTERIORS offers our We Cover Music City 10-Year Warranty Certificate
on all roof or gutter repairs or replacements.

When working on your home or office roof repairs or roof replacement the entire MUSIC CITY EXTERIORS crew will wear special Cougar Paws®
non-skid boots to guarantee their safety and protect your new roof.

MUSIC CITY EXTERIORS will cover all of your shrubs and landscaping with tarps for protection during the work period.
Should any element of your lawn or landscaping be damaged, we will replace it for you at no cost.

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Jeff Thorne

Owner and President of MUSIC CITY EXTERIORS




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